Rupert W. M. Huber

Currently lives and works in Vienna. Freelance composer.He integrates space and the electronic and/or psychological projection of musical or tonal content into his compositions. Such dimensional music that Rupert Huber has developed as a musical format is the basis of all his work. Compositions of this format has been commissioned by, among others, Wiener Festwochen(Private Exile, 2004), Centre Pompidou (Sonic Process, 2002) and Ars Electronica (Radiotopia, 2002).Rupert Huber has not only implemented his ideas artistically; he has also applied them to music composed for film (Food Design, Berggasse 19), TV (C.S.I. Miami, Sex and the City) and radio (Signations for the ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Company).Tosca, the duo formed in 1994 by Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber, has released 5 CDs and 7 remix albums over the last 14 years, with total sales over half a million. The original albums are Opera (1997), Suzuki (2000), Dehli 9 (2003), J.A.C. (2005) and No Hassle (2009).In recent years, Tosca has performed in live shows in the USA, South America and Europe, including such prominent festivals as Coachella (Palm Springs, USA) and the Ars Electronica Festival (LINZ, Austria). In 2001, Tosca was honored with Austria’s Amadeus Music Award as best Pop/Rock group.Piano music and sound installations in public spaces are among Rupert Huber’s main areas of interest. Radio music (Deutschlandradio, Kunstradio), music for media projects (Horizontal Radio, Ars Electronica 1995) and film music (Swimmers in the Desert, 2000) are the fields in which he does most of his creative work. Recently, Huber has been working on a mulitchanel soundinstallation for the airport vienna, the sounds being controlled by the airplanes (opening 2012).Rupert Huber studied composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. He plays -among other instruments- piano, synthesizer, guitar and bass. Since 1989, he has been producing his music in his own sound studio. He was guest of the „berliner künstlerprogramm des DAAD“ (1997). He was nominated for the world technology award 2010. He was memeber of the Jury of the Prix ars electronica in 2007 and 2009.

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mica-Interview mit Rupert Huber

Статья 28.12.2011

Er zählt ohne Zweifel zu den umtriebigeren heimischen Künstlern, der Wiener Pianist und Komponist Rupert Huber. Mit dem Elektro-Duo Tosca in den 1990er Jahren international zu Bekanntheit gelangt, wandelt der gebürtige Mödlinger in seinen vielen ...